A multi-band antenna comprising a tree and a plurality of current probes coupled around the tree. US Patent: 8094083B1 Inventors: Daniel W. S. TamJohn W. Rockway Current Assignee: US Secretary of Navy
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Public Artwork for trees and a spacecraft

The Tree of Life is the primary project of a collaborative effort between Julia Christensen and scientists and engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to design spacecraft and interplanetary communication technology that can operate for 200 years or more. The project began out of a series of studies Christensen took part in at JPL about a future mission to Proxima B, in which a major conclusion was that we must transcend current frames of obsolescence in order to build a spacecraft that can complete a mission to Proxima B. The CubeSat is to be deployed in low-Earth orbit, and transmits data about its health/operations to a terrestrial tree, which is augmented to act as an Earthly antenna. At the site of the tree, simultaneously, a 200-year dataset is measured to describe the tree’s health and environmental conditions. That data will be translated into audible sonic frequencies that can be transmitted via radio between the tree and CubeSat, so that effectively, the tree and spacecraft can sing together in a 200-year duet. 

Visit the Tree of Life website.

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