Tree Songs Art Center is the first vinyl record produced by the Space Song Foundation. The tracks are composed using data points generated by three trees in a gallery at ArtCenter College of Design throughout the year 2020. These trees were components in a gallery prototype of the Tree of Life project by the Space Song Foundation; each tree was outfitted with sensors reading light, moisture, and temperature conditions. The data points are sonified into aural parameters, creating the tracks heard on the album. The gallery was closed for the entire length of the exhibition due to wildfires and pandemics, so nobody ever saw the piece. This record is an excerpted document of the artwork that those trees carried out in the gallery when no humans could experience it.

If a tree sings alone in a gallery, does anybody hear it? This record is proof of a resounding YES.

All songs copyright Space Song Foundation
Side 1 all tracks by Tom Hall
Side 2 all tracks by Julia Christensen
Sound mastered by Tom Hall
Cover art/ liner text by Julia Christensen
Pressed by Onyx Records in Arcadia, CA
Thanks to Fulcrum Arts, LACMA Art + Tech Lab, Oberlin College, ArtCenter College of Design, Cycling ’74

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