Ink on paper, 22 x 30, Series of 10 Triptychs

We Share Our Pictures consists of ten triptychs of drawings made on a mechanical digital drawing plotter. The images in the drawings are all sourced from found slide collections made in the 1970’s. One of these collections consists of photographs of the artist’s family; the rest were bought from the estates of people who have died. Christensen found connections among the collections, archetypal images found across slide collections: people standing in front of their new cars, families posing with National Park “welcome” signs, people at the beach. Each triptych portrays one of these shared narratives. Each set of drawings contains two images from the strangers’ collections, and one from the family collection. The origin of the drawings, however, is not revealed. The juxtaposition of personal and impersonal images flattens them to the collective plane of forgotten photographs, and yet reminds us that all of these images were once personal to someone.

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