FMemory was a collaboration between Michael Trigilio of Neighborhood Public Radio and the students in Julia’s Transmission Arts Class. Julia and each of her students built analog FM transmitters. Everyone made recordings of themselves telling the story of a memory that they have, ranging from food to dreams to the parties that they had last week. Each of the transmitters––10 in all––were set up around the art complex at Oberlin College. Each transmitter sent out a recording of a different memory on a different frequency. The class held a radio event, and audience members brought portable radios. For the afternoon, everyone wandered around the art building tuning around for the memory-frequencies. In effect, memories were floating on the FM airwaves, and audience members amplified them using the dozens of radios they brought with them that day. There was also a live-memory transmission station set up, so that audience members could join in and send out their own stories on an additional isolated frequency.

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