Discarded iPhones from Burnouts displaying animations of retired constellations that are projected on to gallery ceiling.

Multimedia installation (ABS 3D printed plastic video projectors; iPhones; animation)

Burnouts is a series of five sculptural video projectors that use discarded iPhones as the sole light source. The mechanisms project animations of “retired” constellations on the gallery ceiling––constellations in the night sky that are deemed no longer relevant to the study of the night sky, usually because of light pollution.  Christensen designed the outer cases for the projectors with rapid prototype technology (also known as 3D printing); the lenses and mirrors are all stripped from discarded overhead projectors. This juxtaposition of outdated and current technologies comments on our rapid cycle of technology consumption, and how quickly the new becomes the old. The light of the iPhone is directed through a system of lenses and mirrors stripped from the overheads, before the image is projected on to the ceiling of the gallery. The projection of the retired constellations with the discarded iPhones is a fitting homage––just as the constellations are still there and yet no longer in use, so are our own outdated gadgets.

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